The Piano Man’s Muse

unaware but underlined

Making love to ivory keys,
he made his audiences believe
fiction as reality,
all of whom he was destined to be.

Initially he played for hard cold money
just to support his Momma, his true family,
giving up his high school degree, success came to him quickly and naturally.

He wasn’t just playing a part,
he was a true romantic at heart,
penning prolific melodies from the start.

Then the heartfelt lyrics last,
a seemingly back-assed
this was not due to his confusion,
it was how he worked through his unknown muse within.

One day he dug down deep, never looking back,
found The Stranger was living on the inside waiting to attack.

A little devil working cunningly, a scheming deceptive craft.
Waiting, just waiting to have the last laugh.


The drug he did choose
to use
on a regular basis.
Allowing him to take off his mask,

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