Jesus Christ… Sorry to anyone of whom this triggers.

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With many thanks to Mayor Peter Nystrom and All Friends Animal Hospital, Elliot has much hope. If you know ANYTHING, please call Norwich Animal Control at 860-887-5747.

“We need your help!! We had a sweet kitty named Elliot come in today with an arrow through his chest. We are hoping to find the person responsible for this heinous act of cruelty. Fortunately for this kitty, our city’s Mayor Peter Nystrom was in the area and able to contact Animal Control, who rushed Elliot to All Friends to seek immediate treatment. Elliot is resting comfortably after having the arrow removed, although we still don’t know if there will be long term nerve damage. Elliot was shot in the area of Gates road in Norwich. If you have any information please contact Norwich Animal Control at (860) 887-5747. A special thank you again to our Mayor who stepped up to…

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